About Botanist Aromatherapy


Hi, I’m Tanya (accompanied by my beautiful Maisie).

I'm the woman, mother, maker, and creative behind Botanist Aromatherapy. I work from a studio on the Sunshine Coast, intuitively blending essential oil tinctures for emotional, spiritual, and physical support.

My relationship with essential oils was sparked soon after I became a mother.  After the birth of my daughter I felt untethered. We are also born through the process of giving birth, and we are faced with the task of learning to navigate our new role, and to learn who we are all over again.

I knew I was searching for something to anchor me, and that foundation came in the form of essential oils. They grounded me, brought me joy, and with them I could steer the direction of my day.  My first oils became my first blends, and over the years my knowledge, passion and craft has grown.

Each Botanist Aromatherapy combination has its own story, and touches of my own – because although we are unique, we all experience the same challenges, desires, and emotions.

There are four colour stories to Botanist Aromatherapy 
- Sage Green, Mustard, Blush and Stone.
  • Soothe your soul and find calm with the sage green blends.
  • Mustard blends are tinctures for the soul, and designed to support you to wellness.
  • The blush blends are created to spark joy and to uplift.
  • Finally, the stone blends are for rest, but with a hint of happy to help you fall asleep with a smile.

The Botanist Aromatherapy range is always expanding, with more healing combinations for your soul, your skin, and your space.


The Process

I blend intuitively. While the benefits and healing powers of each oil is backed by science, I believe how the oils make you feel is most important.

I work with more than 180 oils in my studio, and I create when inspired. I am always drawn to the oils I need in that moment, and they have created the most special blends.

The water used in my sprays is charged with large, raw crystals – Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Black Tourmaline – each chosen for their healing and energetic qualities which complement the blends.

I create in small batches and ensure I only bring soft, loving and positive energy into my craft. Essential oils have the power to shape your day; they can uplift, soothe, energise and inspire you.

My customers come to Botanist Aromatherapy for emotional support, and I believe along with water, oils also take on the energy of the space and person working with them, which is why there are no negative vibes allowed in my studio.

It means some days I don’t blend, and others I'm in the flow. No matter what, I always bring as much love, healing and transformative energy into every roller, mist and bath soak I create.