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Essential oil elixirs to soothe, uplift, manifest & nurture.

Who would you be if you could step into your truest self?

These boutique essential oils are intuitively blended by hand to support and guide you on your journey.

More than just products, they are crafted for you to take regular moments to create aligned impact in your world.

Discover the alchemy we've designed with you in mind. A slow dance with Mother Nature.

What makes our blends so special?

Our oils are entwined with purpose and designed to cocoon you with comforting energy. We embrace the magic(k) of the moon to charge the crystals which are then placed within the belly of each of our handmade blends to elevate their energetic frequency.

It is important to us that every batch is crafted with care therefore we only blend our premium oils once we are properly saged and feeling light and connected. We do this because we are aware that our energy attaches itself to whatever we create.  ♥  We always create with love.

Your blends are crafted both intentionally and intuitively.  They are not something that you have in your home, they are part of your daily life, who you are and who you wish to become.

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Free yourself from the illusion that you need to be more to become yourself.

Jenna Ramondo

Woven with love & intention

Intoxicating blends infused with moon soaked crystals, ready to take with you anywhere.

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