wellness for your soul, skin, & space.

Purely non-toxic and natural ingredients, infused with heavenly essential oils and energetically cleansed crystals.  Every item is lovingly made by hand on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

Our crystals are cleansed in salt water then smudged with white sage.  The crystal infused waters are placed under the full moon and infused with joyful sunshine. Indulge in our luxurious bath products for softer skin and deeper sleep.

you are one of a kind.

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With an emphasis on simple, natural & effective products, we bring you our range of essential oil rollers.

With only the highest quality ingredients and containing energetically cleansed crystals, these easy to use rollers are safe, gentle and effective.



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You'll find no nasties in our products, there's no need, nature provides us with an abundance of natural ingredients.

Every ingredient we choose to include serves a purpose, be it therapeutic, vibrational, or simply indulgent.