essential oil blends to soothe, uplift, heal, and nurture.

Intuitively blended by hand in small batches on the Sunshine Coast.

Each Botanist Aromatherapy combination has its own story, and touches of my own – because although we are unique, we all experience the same challenges, desires, and emotions.

you are one of a kind.

shop essential oil rollers.

With an emphasis on simple, natural & effective products, we bring you our range of essential oil rollers.

Take our healing blends anywhere. A combination of intuitively chosen essential oils, fractionated coconut oil, and energetically cleansed crystals.



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Our bath soaks are as healing as they are beautiful – and with a combination of dried flowers known for their therapeutic qualities, they are gorgeous.

Hand blended in small batches on the Sunshine Coast, our soaks are made from all natural and organic ingredients.