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Rose Quartz Candle

'I let go of all comparison and overthinking and open my heart wide.'

Love  |  Rose Geranium + Tangerine essential oils.  Open, embrace, I am supported.

Light her as you seek to hear your heart and the wisdom she has carried down.  She whispers words only for your ears.  She is love.

She wears her skin proudly.  A stunning eco crystal whiskey glass, reusable for a lifetime.  She adorns her crown with a Rose Quartz crystal, bathed in full moon energy, ready to amplify her powers.

15mLs of pure essential oils supported in 100% pure soy wax, vegan, non-toxic and biodegradable.

50+ hours burn-time.

Please note:  Essential oil candles do not have the same strong scent throw that fragrance oil candles are known for.  They are milder, more delicate, and less likely to overpower and cause headaches.
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