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Energy Sprays


Energy Sprays contain cleansed crystals and the magic of pure essential oils.  They are ideal for shifting energy quickly and raising vibrations.  Safe for use on your body and in your room.



Essential Oil Rollers


Our popular rollers contain pure essential oils diluted in fractionated coconut oil and cleansed crystals.  Apply straight to your skin and pop in your handbag to take with you anywhere.



Diffuser Blends


These diffuser blends are ready to use.  Pop a few drops into your favourite electric diffuser or oil burner.  You can also apply it to porous objects like pinecones or air-dry clay to release the aroma slowly.  Many of you enjoy inhaling their magic straight from the bottle.



Bath Soaks


Our handmade bath soaks contain high quality magnesium, pink himalayan salt, dried flowers and essential oils for the ultimate high vibe relaxation.  A true goddess bath.



Self Care Bundles


 Customise your own beautiful gift bundle for a friend or for yourself as the ultimate act of self love.